Standing in a bike shop in 2013, I was on the fence.

“What do you think?” I asked my friend Scott.

“Buy the bike!”

And so I did, took the long way home, and named it Supertramp.

Little did I know that “Buy the bike!” was the best advice I’d receive in my adult life.

It gave me a free commute, enough exercise to make every meal taste good, and a love of city streets.

That advice led to King, whose mission is to get more people on scooters and bikes, and empower them with stress-free mobility.

To do that, I’m adamant about people having the three things I wish I had when making that purchase:

- Affordable ownership

- Certainty of quality

- Service at my doorstep

We’ve set up King to deliver on these promises:

We buy our inventory in bulk and refurbish in house to get you the highest quality product at the lowest price.

We provide a free test ride period, with a 30 day full warranty, on-site service, and monthly maintenance plans to eliminate all risks or surprises.

We specialize in vehicle types that are modular and enable repair by delivery. We believe micromobility should be a primary mode of transportation, so repair must come to you.

We’ve been in your shoes, let us know how we can help.

Rob McPherson, Founder