Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small team that runs a hyper focused electric scooter operation out of our warehouse in Virginia, about an hour outside DC. We believe in the power of light electric vehicles, and we want to break down barriers to their adoption -- things like affordability, after-market care, accessibility, and theft risk.  We’re down to talk about electric scooters or bikes any time, so if you want to know more about what drives us, send us a text and let’s chat.

We bought our initial inventory of scooters from a rental company that was acquired.  It didn’t make financial sense for the acquiring company to retrofit all of the scooters with new branding and hardware, so we bought them and refurbished them.  We also bought a ton of spare parts, which enables us to provide the service we are so passionate about. We are now building out additional products by working with manufacturers.

Scooters are meant to be used.  Even if you buy a brand new scooter, it's going to look used after a couple rides.  What’s important is that it is reliable and will last.  Selling refurbished scooters enables us to offer a much more affordable price, and our ongoing service is going to make them reliable.  Our business is about volume -- we want to sell a scooter to everyone at a reasonable price, and maintain relationships with service going forward.

Our goal is to be the company you can totally rely on if you buy from us. If anything is wrong with your scooter within 1 year, we will send you the part or the section that will fix your problem. This includes the batteries. You only need to pay the shipping cost. We will send you a box to return your part that isn't working.

Yes absolutely, as long as it is a model we carry (and we are very selective about what we carry on purpose). Check out our Parts section and order directly.

Make sure you kick the scooter forward and have some momentum before engaging the throttle.  This is so you can safely ready to ride when the power kicks in.

ES4 Scooters have 3 modes -- Beginner, Regular, and Sport.  Sport is the Red S on your dashboard.  Regular is the White S.  Beginner is when there is no S showing.  Beginner mode limits you to 6 mph.  To move between modes, double tap the button.

We’re all about ownership.  We love dockless for introducing people to electric scooters, but ultimately we believe people need something reliable and cheap for everyday transportation.  It’s the only way to get electrified mobility for pennies a day.

With King, you have predictability that you are covered for anyting that goes wrong during the 1st year of purchase. If you make the initial investment with us, we'll have you covered for a year. That gives you predictability on what you spend on your transportation.

The average American spends ~$800/mo on transportation.  We want you to envision a 90% reduction, so you’re spending only $80/mo (a 10x improvement!). After purchasing your scooter outright, here is our recommended mix.  Use your scooter as much as possible. Charging is ~$0.09, and parking is free. With the target of spending $80/mo, sporadically use rideshare or rental cars as needed.  You can get 5 rideshare rides at $16 a piece, enough to cover trips in bad weather, when you need to haul something, or a night out on the town.