Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small group of people oddly passionate about electric micromobility and making our cities more livable with enjoyable and affordable transportation.  Currently our operations teams run in DC and LA, and our refurbishment team is in our Virginia warehouse.  We’re down to talk about electric scooters or bikes any time, so if you want to know more about what drives us, send us a text and let’s chat.

We bought our initial inventory of scooters from a rental company that was acquired.  It didn’t make financial sense for the acquiring company to retrofit all of the scooters with new tracking devices, so we bought them and refurbished them.  We also bought a ton of spare parts, which enables us to provide the service we are so passionate about.

We are focused on one model now because we believe the ES4 has universal appeal, and focusing on it exclusively enables us to always have the parts, tools, and knowledge to fix any issues immediately.  If we offer too many options, it becomes harder to provide amazing service, and that is the one thing we care about more than anything.  Our team has been working with this product type for over 3 years.

Scooters are meant to be used.  Even if you buy a brand new scooter, it's going to look used after a couple rides.  What’s important is that it is reliable and will last.  Selling refurbished scooters enables us to offer a much more affordable price, and our ongoing service is going to make them reliable.  Our business is about volume -- we want to sell a scooter to everyone at a reasonable price, and maintain relationships with service and protection going forward.

Right now we only sell scooters with the deck locked in place.  These are very safe and sturdy.  In the future, we will look into a good folding option.

Absolutely.  If anything is wrong with your scooter, we will fix it.  We got you.  This includes the batteries.  We want you to go to sleep each night knowing that you’re not going to have an unexpected repair cost.

If you bought your scooter from us, then yes, we’ll service it.  We will provide you pricing up front for how much the parts & labor will be.

Absolutely!  We want your scooter to be your main form of transportation, so why lug it to a shop, or pack in a box to ship back somewhere?  We always come to you to make it as easy as possible for you.  Our technology platform enables you to seamlessly give us access to your scooter if it breaks down, so we don’t have to coordinate a meetup.  Just lock it up for us, and when you come back, it will be fixed.  If for some reason we have to take your scooter with us, we’ll always leave you a loaner.

Make sure you kick the scooter forward and have some momentum before engaging the throttle.  This is so you can safely ready to ride when the power kicks in.

ES4 Scooters have 3 modes -- Beginner, Regular, and Sport.  Sport is the Red S on your dashboard.  Regular is the White S.  Beginner is when there is no S showing.  Beginner mode limits you to 6 mph.  To move between modes, double tap the button.

If you are close by, we can always meet you or drop a scooter off for you on the edge of the service zone.  If not, we might be delivering scooters via package  soon.  If you would like us to ship you a scooter, please send us a note letting us know you are interested.  We can get you on the short list.

We’re all about you leaving your scooter outside so it’s insanely convenient for you to access.  No more walking it up steps, hiding it in a closet, or figuring out a place at work to keep it.  We want your ride at your feet when you walk out the door.  Our Theft Protection offering will hopefully give you the peace of mind to lock your scooter outside and even overnight.  These scooters are weatherproof, so they can stand the rain.  If you have our plan, and your scooter does get stolen, you just need to pay the deductible and we’ll bring one out to you immediately.  If it is a second occurrence, we’ll need you to provide a police report.

We’re all about ownership.  We love dockless for introducing people to electric scooters, but ultimately we believe people need something reliable and cheap for everyday transportation.  It’s the only way to get electrified mobility for pennies a day.

Yes!  Let us know if you want to help us grow.  We are looking for passionate operators and technicians who want to build on this idea of treating customers like royalty in the electric bike/scooter world.

Every type of transportation has pros/cons, but we think about transportation in terms of how much money you spend per month.  For instance, owning a car is roughly $800/mo on average.  We think that is ridiculous, and want to give you a better option.  But, you need predictability.  Why buy a scooter off a marketplace if it is going to break down immediately and cause you to buy a new one?  Why buy a brand new one if it is going to get stolen and you’ll need to buy a replacement?  Why use eCommerce when you can’t wait 2 weeks to have a broken scooter repaired and sent back?  With King, you have predictability with our coverage plans and service.  You are protected so you know that your monthly spend will stay consistent, and you’ll always have a working ride.  We are the only company to offer this, which is why you should buy from us.

The average American spends ~$800/mo on transportation.  We want you to envision a 10x improvement of that, so you’re spending $80/mo, and doing something you love with the saved $720.  For $80/mo, here is our recommended mix.  Use your scooter as much as possible, and pay $15 for our full coverage.  With the remaining $65, sporadically use rideshare or rental cars as needed.  You can get 5 rideshare rides at $13 a piece, enough to cover trips in bad weather, when you need to haul something, or a night out on the town.