Our 20-Step Refurbishment Process

Step 1

Install New Motor Controller

Step 2

Clean All Electrical Contacts

Step 3

Test For Proper Voltage On Batteries


Ensure No Damage To Battery Case


Check Tightness Of Rear Wheel


Test For Sufficient Tread On Tires

Step 7

Test Foot Brake


Install a brand new foot grip with solid tread for your feet

Step 9

Put internal battery and motor controller in a new vertical tube for a "like new" appearance

Step 10

Apply Thread Locker To Fasteners

Step 11

Secure Screws With Proper Torque

Step 12

Check That Lights Work

Step 13

Replace Hand Grips

Step 14

Ensure Smooth Operation Of Throttle and Brake Springs

Step 15

Ensure No Error Codes On The Display

Step 16

Test Bell

Step 17

Check That Driving Modes Cycle Properly

Step 18

Test Ride For Even Acceleration And Proper Functionality

Step 19

Make Sure Batteries Take A Full Charge

Step 20

Clean and Sanitize Scooter

And there you have it

A Refurbished Scooter